Scientific Publications 2019

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1 Anna Fitriana, Alexander A. Iskandar and C.M. de Sterke, Nonlinear absorption in media with composite gold nanoparticles, Journal of the Optical Society of America B vol. 36 no. 11 (2019) 2946.

2              Pitriana, P., Wungu, T.D.K., Herman, Hidayat, R., The characteristics of band structures and crystal binding in all-inorganic perovskite APbBr3 studied by the first principle calculations using the Density Functional Theory (DFT) method, Results in Physics,   

3              Yang, H.-H., Lee, C.-C., Yoshida, Y., Ikhlas, M., Tomita, T., Nugroho, A., Ozaki, T., Nakatsuji, S., Hasegawa, Y., Scanning tunneling microscopy on cleaved Mn3Sn(0001) surface, Scientific Reports,  

4              Lu, D., Xu, G., Hu, Z., Cui, Z., Wang, X., Li, J., Huang, L., Du, X., Wang, Y., Ma, J., Lu, X., Lin, H.-J., Chen, C.-T., Nugroho, A.A., Tjeng, L.H., Cui, G.             , Deciphering the Interface of a High-Voltage (5 V-Class) Li-Ion Battery Containing Additive-Assisted Sulfolane-Based Electrolyte, Small Methods,   

5              Yuliantini, L., Djamal, M., Hidayat, R., Boonin, K., Yasaka, P., Kaewnuam, E., Venkatramu, V., Kaewkhao, J., Optical and X-ray induced luminescence of Sm3+ -doped borotellurite and fluoroborotellurite glasses: A comparative study     , Journal of Luminescence,   

6              Rofika, R.N.S., Honggowiranto, W., Jodi, H., Sudaryanto, S., Kartini, E., Hidayat, R, The effect of acetonitrile as an additive on the ionic conductivity of imidazolium-based ionic liquid electrolyte and charge-discharge capacity of its Li-ion battery, Ionics,   

7              Jenni, K., Kunkemaller, S., Braning, D., Lorenz, T., Sidis, Y., Schneidewind, A., Nugroho, A.A., Rosch, A., Khomskii, D.I., Braden, M., Interplay of Electronic and Spin Degrees in Ferromagnetic SrRuO3: Anomalous Softening of the Magnon Gap and Stiffness, Physical Review Letters,   

8              Handayani, Y.S., Indari, E.D., Hidayat, R., Othsubo, Y., Kimura, S., Understanding the role of organic cations on the electronic structure of lead iodide perovskite from their UV photoemission spectra and their electronic structures calculated by DFT method, Materials Research Express,  

9              Pujiarti, H., Bahar, H., Hidayat, R., Poly(ionic-liquid) from imidazoline-functionalized siloxane prepared by simple sol-gel route for efficient quasi-solid-state DSSC, Materials Research Express,   

10              Nugroho, B.S., Iskandar, A.A., Malyshev, V.A., Knoester, J., Plasmon-assisted two-photon Rabi oscillations in a semiconductor quantum dot – Metal nanoparticle heterodimer, Physical Review B,   

11           Wonorahardjo, S., Sutjahja, I.M., Kurnia, D., Potential of Coconut Oil for Temperature Regulation in Tropical Houses, Journal of Engineering Physics and Thermophysics,  

12           Sutjahja, I.M., Silalahi, A.O., Wonorahardjo, S., Kurnia, D., Thermal conductivity of phase-change material CaCl6H2O with ZnO nanoparticle dopant based on temperature-history method, Revista Romana de Materiale/ Romanian Journal of Materials,  

13           Wonorahardjo, S., Sutjahja, I., Aisyah Damiati, S., Kurnia, D., Adjustment of indoor temperature using internal thermal mass under different tropical weather conditions, Science and Technology for the Built Environment,   

14           Isro, S.D., Iskandar, A.A., Tjia, M.-O., Core size and axial offset dependent extinction characteristics for silver nanotube and its application to directional sensing, Journal of the Optical Society of America B: Optical Physics,  

15           Wonorahardjo, S., Sutjahja, I.M., Mardiyati, Y., Andoni, H., Thomas, D., Achsani, R.A., Steven, S., Characterising thermal behaviour of buildings and its effect on urban heat island in tropical areas, International Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering,  

16           Pujiarti, H., Wulandari, P., Hidayat, R., Photocurrent enhancement by incorporation of air-stable Cs2SnI6 Perovskite in dye-sensitized solar cell, Journal of Physics: Conference Series,   

17           Maiza, R., Kurnia, D., The Influence of Light Wavelengths Toward the Growth of Brassica rapa L., Journal of Physics: Conference Series,  

18           Nurunnizar, A.A., Hidayat, R., The Influence of Humid Atmosphere during the MAPbI3 Perovskite Layer Preparation on the Characteristics of Its Solar Cells, Journal of Physics: Conference Series,   

19           Gustiani, V.F., Septiany, L., Nugroho, A.A., Blake, G.R., Thermoelectric Performance of Ge0.99-xNa0.01AgxSe, Journal of Physics: Conference Series,   

20           Arsyad, W.S., Wardianto, A., Variani, V.I., Ilmawati, W.S., Agusu, L., Hidayat, R., A Preliminary result on the rGO functionalization as counter-electrode in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC), Journal of Physics: Conference Series,  

21           Andoni, H., Jurizat, A., Steven, Thomas, D., Achsani, R.A., Sutjahja, I.M., Mardiyati, Wonorahardjo, S., Thermal Behaviour Studies on Building Walls based on Type and Composition of the Materials, IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering,   

22           Pitriana, P., Wungu, T.D.K., Herman, H., Hidayat, R., Electronic Structure Calculations of Alkali Lead Iodide APbI3 (A=Li, Na, K, Rb or Cs) using Density Functional Theory (DFT) Method, Journal of Physics: Conference Series,   

23           Sutjahja, I.M., Silalahi, A.O., Kurnia, D., Wonorahardjo, S., The role of particle dopant to the thermal conductivities of PCM coconut oil by means of the T-history method, Journal of Physics: Conference Series,  

24           Silalahi, A.O., Sutjahja, I.M., Kurnia, D., Wonorahardjo, S., The enthalpy-temperature curve of new PCM PCM Ca(NO3)2.4H2O and Co(NO3)2.6H2O for low-temperature latent TES, Journal of Physics: Conference Series,   

25           Silalahi, A.O., Sutjahja, I.M., Kurnia, D., Wonorahardjo, S., Thermophysical parameters of organic PCM coconut oil from the T-history method and its variation with the chemical dopant, Journal of Physics: Conference Series,  

26           Pitriana, P., Wungu, T.D.K., Hidayat, R., Herman, H., Ab-initio calculation of APbI3 (A=Li, Na, K, Rb and Cs) perovskite crystal and their lattice constants optimization using density functional theory, Journal of Physics: Conference Series,   

27           Sukmawati, N., Silalahi, A.O., Sutjahja, I.M., Kurnia, D., Wonorahardjo, S. Thermophysical parameters of inorganic PCMCaCl6H2O added by BaSO4 derived from T-history measurement as the latent TES, Journal of Physics: Conference Series           ,  

28           Husna, N., Aminah, N.S., Hidayat, R., Fabrications of Tapered Optical Fibers by Laser Induced Photopolymerization Technique , Journal of Physics: Conference Series,  

29           Akbar, M.Y.P., Sihombing, R.R., Sakai, A., Nugroho, A.A., Nakatsuji, S., Crystal structure and magnetic properties of non-stoichiometric co2mnga Heusler alloy, Materials Science Forum,  

30           Murdaka, F.H., Nugroho, A.A., Kusumaatmaja, A., Isnaeni, Santoso, I., The study on tuning photoluminescence of colloidal graphene quantum dots synthesized through laser ablation, Materials Science Forum,  

31           Saleh, M.A., Nugroho, A.A., Dewi, K.K., Supandi, A.R., Onggo, D., Kuhn, H., Van Loosdrecht, P.H.M., Optical absorption spectra of Mn2+ in of (C6H5CH2CH2NH3)2-MnCl4 and (NH2CH2CH2NH2)2-MnCl4 Hybrid Compounds, Key Engineering Materials,